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– LAMP dry premix- We offer the sample package of the Phytoplasma Universal Detection Kit!

We have been receiving more and more inquiries about the ‘-LAMP Dry Reagent – Phytoplasma Universal Detection Kit ‘, which has been introduced in this website as in “The story of dry reagents ” and “The struggle of a Plant Pathologist in Papua New Guinea “. So we are offering sample packages (paid sample) containing 8 tests for you to test the product.

Phytoplasma is a plant pathogen which infects more than 1,000 plants, including sugar cane, coconut, cassava, and banana. The infection of Phytoplasma on plant causes malformations such as yellowing, stunt, dwarf, proliferation, phyllody, and witches’ broom, and is increasingly spreading worldwide as plant pathogens of great agricultural importance.
We have received many inquiries from people in countries around the world, who have suffered such damage from the pathogen.

The LAMP Dry Reagent-Phytoplasma Universal Detection Kit is an epoch-making kit that enables the comprehensive detection of phytoplasma belonging to the class Mollicutes with simple operations.
The detection kit, which had to be stored at -20°C at the beginning of its launch, has been successfully freeze-dried to allow long-term storage at room temperature, enabling it to be delivered to various tropical regions around the world without caring the cold-chain.

Features of “LAMP Dry Reagent – Phytoplasma Universal Detection Kit”

•It is possible to detect Phytoplasma complehensively!
•Long-term storage at room temperature is possible!
•Each test is packaged in independent tube, and the test solution can be prepared easily just by dissolving it with dissolve solution!
•Simple procedure – add a DNA sample to the test solution and incubate at 64° C for 60 minutes!
•Easy judgement by visual presence of fluorescent color on the test solution after reaction!


FIG. 1 : Phytoplasma Detection Dry Reagent
The test solution can be easily prepared by simply dissolving it with a reagent dissolve solution.


Figure 2: Detection by Fluorescent Substances
If positive (infected), the test solution emits light (with UV irradiation).

Normally, the packaging unit of this kit is 48 tests per kit. We have prepared sample packaging for 8 tests (paid sample) in response to your request to try it in a small amount.

*Phytoplasma Extraction Solution is attached to this kit for the easy extraction method. However, easy extraction may not be suitable for the detection reaction depending on the type of plant or site of interest. Use a commercially available DNA extraction kit or equivalent if necessary for the preparation process of DNA samples.

If you are interested in the “LAMP Dry Reagent – Phytoplasma Universal Detection Kit” because of any possible damage rooting to Phytoplasma infection, please begin the test with this sample packaging.

If you would like to receive this sample packaging (paid sample), please contact us from this form .

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